One Hit, One Miss, and Some Confusing Sounds

Hit: A member of the President’s Cabinet complained to me about the number of meetings here. I suggested that instead of scheduling a meeting in the next “free” slot on her calendar she limit herself to no more than 12 hours of meetings a week. This leaves room for sanity and some time for emergency or last minute VIP meetings. She will have to get used to telling people things like, “I can meet with you in three weeks.” My experience is that people can wait–no one’s ever complained to me or my boss about my lack of availability. She seemed genuinely thankful for the tip, which certainly isn’t rocket science.

Miss: Remember the “diversity audit tool” from the blog of yore? I suggested they rename what’s essentially a university diversity survey. So they did. It’s now–wait for it–the “diversity goal alignment system.”

Confusing Sounds: nothing to do with CTOness or ITness but this was in my local paper and it was too good not to share. It appeared in the Fire Department Report as follows:

Confusing sounds

July 13 — Firefighters were called to a home, where the occupant had told them they thought a water main had broken inside the wall or under their home. The family had evacuated the house. Firefighters found that the volume on the stereo in the basement had been turned all the way up, and that the sound was just static from the stereo system. The family returned to their home.

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