Office Memorandum

I’m punchy from my Dreaded Advisory Group meeting this morning. It went well because I noted that we had too much money (see post below) and that I was going to increase services and decrease costs and everyone got happy. It’s a big lovefest until they realize that I’m going to do this by Creating Change which will Disrupt the Culture and cause Much Unhappiness. Tra la la!

So my assistant came across some ancient “Office Memorandum” stationery. It’s excellent. It says “Office Memorandum” in Cooper Black font on the top with the school’s name followed by four ellipses, which is weird. E.g. “Harvard University….” What’s up with the ellipses?

Because I’m punchy, I’ve been dashing off these “Office Memorandum” to various staff today. “Thanks for showing up!” “Thanks for fixing our emergency notification system so the reminder emails went out as expected!” “Good job getting rid of your in-laws this week!” “Your budget request was well conceived!” If I don’t post anything ever again, it’s because the staff killed me.

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