Fun Activity? It’s what’s on the agenda….

Next week I lead the monthly team meeting for the university’s senior leaders. Leadership rotates each month, as does “recording” duties. One could actually record the meeting but this would deprive someone of the joy of writing on a flipchart. Each month, the leader leads everyone on a “fun activity.” We’ve looked at the worm farm/compost area, toured the new facilities building, and learned about campus trees. What next? Maybe we could visit Second Life and have virtual “fun”? Ideas?

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  1. kdghty said:

    Nov 10, 08 at 8:08 am

    Personally, I spend most of my SL time shopping, decorating, dancing and making many small plywood cubes with which to litter the landscape, but I hear that there are other applications of the environment.

    If you have the time and energy to organize it – create enough AVs for everyone and run them through newbie island beforehand. Create a group and send out a group IM with a notecard full of links. Have them all sign in to the same starting point and meet up to learn the basics of walking and flying before you head out as a group, link by link. Hit some of the educational sites for sure, and some of the cooler builds. Throw in a BDSM sim and really make an impression…

    Stop by the skybox when you’re done and I’ll have tea and cookies waiting.

  2. admin said:

    Nov 10, 08 at 6:03 pm

    I think my head just exploded. Do you know what I’ve decided to show them? Baseline mag’s slideshow on “IT Tricks Every Manager Should Know” –things like “how to use Outlook”. Seriously. It may actually Help.

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