Using yesterday’s technology to solve the problems of the days of yore…

We’re doing demos for software for an administrative department. We have three finalists: one good, one bad, and one ugly. The ugly software is the current favorite of the administrative department. During the demo, the vendor noted how the database plugs right into Access. It wasn’t just that this software allowed you to create shadow databases; this software was essentially a way to do this more easily. Meanwhile the “good” software looked slick and supported a variety of queries and tracked many more components. It immediately got your mind racing toward possibilities. Another comparison point: the “good” software sent mass emails as multipart MIME and the “bad” software had HTML ONLY. What’s really scary is that the administrative staff like the HTML only because that means the email can look “prettier” and “more official.” Even if it renders as a whole lot of white space on your PDA…..

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  1. g-lo said:

    Nov 12, 08 at 6:34 am

    Off topic, but I’d love your thoughts on this article:

    I wonder if/when HTML email will be able to know it’s on a mobile device and send a different template/css ala mobile-versions of popular websites. Meanwhile I’m going to use PINE on my iPod. Lynx too, while I’m at it.

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