CTO in Vegas: You Gotta Have a System

Vegas is all about systems. Everything is priced, delivered, extracted, supplied, configured, and serviced according to an extensive investigation of how to get the most return for the minimum investment. Services are unbundled because pricing is more flexible. So, my room is very cheap but I have to pay $25 to use the spa/workout facility, but if I pay $65 then I get free breakfast, cocktails, and the spa entrance is only $10, plus a view of the 3/4 scale Eiffel Tower and the Bellagio Fountains from my room. It’s like charging researchers for disk space and offering free sys admin services, knowing that they really won’t use all the space and so you can let the administrative staff have a partition, thus saving everyone money. Impressive the way it’s done here.

My only issue is with the casino themes. We’ve got Paris with the Eiffel Tower, New York New York with the Statue of Liberty, the Venetian with the Rialto Bridge, Bellagio & the fountains, Luxor w/ its pyramid, etc. I vote for adding two more Vegas themes: Planet of the Apes (we’re in a desert anyway and could easily bury the New York Statue of Liberty in a bunch of sand and wait staff could wear chains for a whole bondage thing) and Nuclear Armageddon (because you know the excess of Vegas is just bringing us all that much closer…)

3 Responses to “CTO in Vegas: You Gotta Have a System”

  1. Sukey said:

    Feb 21, 09 at 7:46 am

    The Nuclear Armageddon can be mixed with “Mad Max” and/or Kurt Russell – Escape from New York – these themes can be unbundled for more flexible pricing and for a more personalized experience depending on taste and interest.

    I am also proposing that the Planet of the Apes (an absolutely genius idea! Genius!) be mixed with a Soylent Green thing for a full Charleston Heston-type experience.

  2. rufusb said:

    Feb 23, 09 at 12:10 pm

    Who will play Nova?

  3. admin said:

    Feb 23, 09 at 5:09 pm

    Sukey: maybe we should have a theme called “The Charleston Heston Experience”?–we could include Moses and guns that way. Or maybe we could just have “Post-Apocalpyse? Armageddon” and include Running Man and Logan’s Run and Planet of the Apes??

    Rufus: Nova’s easy–Vegas is full of svelte young things who can’t speak English and wear hardly any clothes. Much harder will be to train the apes to speak English and act all smart ‘n shit.

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