Yes, today I used the word “visioneering” in an email to my direct reports. I feel so dirty. But everyone is asking for a vision: my boss, the IT staff, the faculty, the executive leaders. This frightens me–do they really want my vision? Aren’t we supposed to develop it together? Hence, “visioneering…”

Yet, I do have a vision, actually: strengthen the admin systems to shift from fire fighting and more toward strategic partnerships with administrative leaders, set up some sandbox environments on the academic side so we can start piloting smaller services to engage faculty and students, develop a few good vendor relationship for swag and fun beta stuff, then step back and unleash the hounds and watch the glorious chaos that is creativity. Just as long as payroll doesn’t blow up. But what do I know? I’m only on day 2.

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  1. Bill said:

    Mar 12, 08 at 9:37 am

    Visioneering – just one more step towards Total World Domination 😉

    I think that you’ve just pointed one of the great challenges of the IT world – trying to determine what it’s going to look like tomorrow. Especially in a field that’s as fluid as our is. You make your best guess, change and adopt it as needed, but stick to your guns when you feel something is important. It’s a heck of a tightrope to have to walk.

    [warning: cliche overload immanent] 😀

    Oh, and also find a way to pay for it all. That’s important.

    Good luck,


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