Tammy! on our organizational goals

Today I met with the directors in a 3-hour goal setting meeting. At the end of the 3 hours, we had a bunch of goals only quasi-related to our teams, our strategies, our to-do lists, etc. A lot of our goals had to do with reorganization. I asked everyone who had a reorg/restructure plan to indicate what problem s/he thinks this reorg will solve. That way, when we present our plans to the broader staff, we’re presenting a set of problems with proposed solution. It will be easier to get feedback if folks know the problems we are trying to solve–they may have much better ideas, or at least different approaches.
We all got a little loopy toward the end. As the goals kept piling up: “communication, collaboration, innovation, ….” I kept wanting to append every goal with the phrase “and dance” a la Tammy.

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  1. Sukey said:

    Jun 02, 08 at 6:22 pm

    Couldn’t resist – someone had to do it-

    “…role model for teenage girls and fags everywhere…TAMMY!”

    Love the bagpipes.

  2. Sukey said:

    Jun 02, 08 at 6:39 pm

    More Buddy Cole – this time as lesbian softball team manager

    And I hope when you present at meeting you take your cue from the pitcher and yell out with a cry of triumph that rival hers.

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