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What to do when “to do” isn’t happening, aka, Calgon ™! Take me away activities

Sometimes you face one or more of the following conditions:

  • your to do list is heinous
  • you’ve looked at your email and just can’t face it
  • you have a few minutes between meetings and don’t need to go to the bathroom or get coffee (interesting how these relate–one could just buy a cup of coffee and dump it directly in the toilet and eliminate the middle man, as it were)
  • you just need a break

So here’s my list of stuff you can do that inches toward productivity while still providing a “break-like” feel:

  • remove really large files from your mail, assuming you’re a luser like … Continue Reading

Today. Was. Interesting.

My day started with my boss’s monthly 3-hour team meeting. I wasn’t looking forward to the meeting because I think no regularly scheduled meeting should last 3 hours This one ended early when an out-of-control car drove by our window on the sidewalk, crashing into parked cars, shrubs, light fixtures, and ultimately into another moving car. Students were screaming, etc. but no one except the driver was hurt. Still trying to figure out what happened there.

I returned to my office to get a call from my boss about how to embed a photo in a campus-wide alert. I assumed it … Continue Reading