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More job interview don’ts

There’s are some good don’ts in the comments to the last post about this. Late yesterday afternoon, during a job interview with a potential software developer, I realized another one:

for the interviewee:

Don’t say things like, “Wow, there sure are a lot of females here! The last place I worked, there was only one other female developer. But she was pretty good. And when I was in the Army, my CO was a female, and I didn’t mind working under her.”

for the interviewer, if female:

Don’t, in reply, make a very crude remark NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING. If one … Continue Reading

Job Interview Don’ts

I’ve interviewed many people lately for a variety of jobs at different levels. After this experience, I thought I would share with you some “don’t”s I’ve witnessed. You might think these are obvious, but I’m not so sure:

If you’re the interviewee:

  1. Don’t wear a vendor swag shirt (even if it does have a collar) to a job interview. Actually, don’t wear anything with a logo.
  2. Don’t answer your cell phone during an interview. Yeah, that’s right.
  3. Don’t provide your current salary and ask if we can beat it before we’ve interviewed you. Different jobs in different locations are should probably pay different amounts.
  4. Don’t … Continue Reading