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Leverage My Synergy, part two

After my crack-up, I decided to seek help. And nothing can help you more when you’re down than a couple of URLs and some nifty new software. So here you go: stuff I found that might help you in the battle against corporate-style communication…

Leverage My Synergy: I dare you

Our support division wants to purchase a new help desk ticketing system. Today, these systems are called “service desk management systems” and they come with lots of fancy tools and they all swear they comply with ITIL, or the IT Infrastructure Library, a masterful compilation of best practices whittled down to its essence, which apparently requires 30 volumes (though rumor has it the latest version has only 5 volumes and that you really only need two of them).

Midway through the vendor demos, staff began asking why we want to get a new system, anyway. So today our support … Continue Reading