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Outsourced? I call it “differently sourced.”


Either way, you’re OUTTA here, Jack! Nah, I’m just kidding. Except, well, maybe not. Today I met with an alternative help desk provider. Like alternative medicine. Here’s what they will do: everything the current help desk does, but better and for less money.  During the vendor presentation, one of the slides showed their current customer list. Of the 15 or so current customers, at least half of them had CTOs/CIOs who’d been in place for less than three years. So, maybe this is “low hanging fruit” for some of us?

Kyle, is this where you reply with, “help … Continue Reading

Sittin’ at Ye Olde Help Deske

I forgot my computer today. I started to walk back to the car to go home and get it, but then I thought, “Why? I have 4 hours of meetings, I have my PDA, what’s the point?” So I went back inside and decided to sit at a vacant seat at the help desk to check in with my mail, calendar, projects, etc. Folks offered me a loaner laptop, but it’s a nice change to sit at the help desk.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • I seem to be an expert in PDA support relative to the other help desk’ers. I’ve … Continue Reading