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At a previous job, I had an email directory I called “clobberation.” It referred to an initiative to promote “collaboration” between various entities. However, the initiative wasn’t clearly serving a mutual benefit; often it felt like you were getting assimilated into a Borg-like collective. Hence, clobberation. I was reminded of the whole “dude, I got clobbered” feeling when I met with our diversity team to discuss how technology can promote diversity. The diversity team has asked us to create a “diversity audit tool” to allow each department to report on its diversity initiatives. I suggested they change “audit” to … Continue Reading

Hunter S. Thompson on Web 2.0

I read a Circuits post (thanks, Christopher P!) today that reminded me of a blog on social networking which recalled some themes I’ve heard from both faculty and administration. Basically, they feel obliged to pay tribute in some way to some aspect of social networking (a soupcon of a blog, a whiff of a wiki) but only if they or a minion can exert absolute control over the process.

They are operating with fear and loathing. Never a recipe for success. To continue with the 60’s references: they need to be … Continue Reading