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CTO in Vegas: The Last Day

Tomorrow I leave Vegas. I have new respect for engineers, odds makers, and for little people in shamrock-themed costumes with microphones hawking people into the bar to gamble on beer pong. Also, for the triumph of the profit motive over the natural environment–for now. Meanwhile, I worked for an hour yesterday and the day before and I still have 72 unread emails. Ah, work.

CTO in Vegas: You Gotta Have a System

Vegas is all about systems. Everything is priced, delivered, extracted, supplied, configured, and serviced according to an extensive investigation of how to get the most return for the minimum investment. Services are unbundled because pricing is more flexible. So, my room is very cheap but I have to pay $25 to use the spa/workout facility, but if I pay $65 then I get free breakfast, cocktails, and the spa entrance is only $10, plus a view of the 3/4 scale Eiffel Tower and the Bellagio Fountains from my room. It’s like charging researchers for disk space and offering free sys … Continue Reading