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The Blog it is a’changin’

A Very Smart Person Who Is Always Right suggested that, um, maybe my blog shouldn’t be world-readable? I can either be:

  1. candid and risk misinterpretation
  2. or I can edit out the grim reality of CTO life and paint a rosy but inaccurate picture
  3. or I can be candid and just require folks to login to read the blog, thereby making it much more difficult (but not impossible) for someone to Use My Words Against Me.

In the words of the Very Smart Person Who Is Always Right, these options boil down to:

  1. potentially getting screwed anonymously by some evil doer
  2. tantamount to having no blog because … Continue Reading

Get Out of My Way: what your IT staff can do for you

At the NITLE summit, Michael Wesch of “The Machine is Us/ing Us” fame presented on his use of a variety of tools in his classes. At the end of the presentation, someone asked him how central IT could help him, and he said, mostly nicely, “get out of my way.” Ah, sweet sweet users. It’s like payback for the day of the bastard operator from hell, when IT staff operated in a “deny all” mode.


So I’ve decided even if we end up outsourcing or no-sourcing all coolness, innovation, and utilities, there are two areas where IT … Continue Reading