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Educause recap: and the band played on…

  1. I talked to all vendors all the time — I only made it to one session!
  2. my emphasis was on telephony/networking stuff and on student information systems/ERP integration stuff–not too fun
  3. nice to see old friends
  4. exhausting as ever but this time with an extra soupcon of anxiety regarding the economy and the possibility that all our jobs will disappear into the ether, I mean, the cloud.

Educause: Fear the Spirit?

One of my staff is here for his first Educause. His initial enthusiasm has shifted to a bit of fear and uncertainty. He described the environment here as like seeing a tsunami coming. He feels it’s clear some people will ride the wave and others will be swept away. The theme for the big shindig tonight is “Feel the Spirit!” I think they’re thinking Halloween, but all I can think of is a tent revival–maybe I’ll start speaking in tongues?