Racial categories: rock, scissors, paper, and Hispanic

I spent 1.5 hours today in a meeting to figure out how we are going to change our data services to accommodate the “new” IPEDS guidelines (released in 2007 in response to a 1997 change in racial categories). Already I know you are bored with this topic–me, I was asleep at the word “IPEDS.”  Here is some text from the guidelines–and this is from the government, not us:

  • A person who answers Yes to Hispanic should also answer the race question, even though that person will be reported to IPEDS as Hispanic
  • If a respondent does not answer the Hispanic question but does answer the race question, report that person using the race categories that were selected (which by default assumes a No response to the Hispanic question)

Obama, take us away!!!!

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  1. essprit said:

    Jan 21, 09 at 8:47 pm

    oy caramba…

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