IT Naming Conventions

I just heard that a place I used to work has renamed itself so that the acronym goes from “asist” to “tit.” Provocative choice. But this may just be a rumor. Here, our acronym is TS, having voted on our name change last spring. I like to say, no BS, it’s TS! Or, for our new service announcements, we have TSA’s. I used to want to be called “Network Operations” but NO isn’t in the spirit of customer service. In IT, we get to name servers and to re-brand software packages too, though the creative spirit dies a little when you’ve been in the biz for awhile. Sure, it’s fun at first to name everything after your favorite scifi author, but when you’re afraid HR will censor your choice to honor Philip K. Dick then you start calling things mail1, mail2, web1, etc.

5 Responses to “IT Naming Conventions”

  1. Bendy said:

    Feb 25, 09 at 7:50 am

    long live

  2. kdghty said:

    Feb 25, 09 at 9:17 am

    we remain confident that even with a new administration and congress, we will never run short of disgraced politician’s names for our servers.

  3. rufusb said:

    Feb 25, 09 at 11:19 am

    my fave server of ours was “pmpslp”. Never ceases to make me chuckle in meetings.

    Who told you it was going from ASIST to TIT? This is news, but somehow totally appropriate. *snicker*

  4. Jag said:

    Feb 25, 09 at 5:12 pm

    The TIT name is amusing. I bet its more than just a rumor 🙂

    I find that with larger organizations mail1, mail2, etc become more than just fear of HR. Sometimes they’re a necessity. With over 300 servers, it becomes really hard to remember that zettel means survey system and dick means console server.

  5. admin said:

    Feb 25, 09 at 5:47 pm

    Agreed, Jag. Let’s face it: it’s 5 a.m. and something’s crashed–do you really want to make it harder for everyone to figure out what’s going on?

    Bendy: pinus.env will always have special place in my heart… I almost mentioned it in my post. I didn’t name it! I don’t have pinus env!!!! I don’t!!! Talk about your Freudian slips…

    KD: keep the faith!

    Rufus: I have no idea where I heard anything 🙂

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