Rip Off the BandAid ™

Recently, we’ve had to give some staff some bad news. I was stressed about the conversations and in all cases the primary feeling afterward was relief, and the staff members involved–I could tell–felt some measure of relief in having a resolution. There was a study at Emory University that showed people prefer a stronger electric shock if it comes more quickly than a milder one. That is, “dread” is such an unpleasant experience that people will accept a certain amount of greater pain just to avoid it.  Consider our economic climate and the uncertainty people have….how many of us are operating under the specter of dread? What does this do to our productivity, judgment, behavior, etc?

2 Responses to “Rip Off the BandAid ™”

  1. Kyle said:

    Mar 05, 09 at 3:39 pm

    I have significant dread regarding some staffing related issues as well and will feel much better when everything gets decided so we can communicate it and move on.

    I definitely always feel better (on either side of the issue) when everything gets on the table and it’s over.

  2. Bendy said:

    Mar 06, 09 at 6:03 am

    Withstanding a few strong electric shocks seems a lot easier than working my way through some of my looming deadlines. I gotta get a job at Emory.

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